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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pathu 10 Porutham Explanation Meaning in Tamil

Pathu Porutham is considered in marriage matching. Here I have given the meaning and importance of 10 porutham in Tamil astrology.

10 Porutham Meaning
1 Dina Porutham Meaning -  Long life of the couple (living together for long).

2 Gana Porutham Meaning– Compatibility of couple and matching of their characters with each other and society.

 3 Mahendra Porutham Meaning-  Mahendra Porutham means capability of having Good children.

4 Sthree Deerga Porutham Meaning – This denotes the Financial situation and prosperity in life.

5 Yoni Porutham Meaning - Sexual compatibility of the couple is identified through Yoni Porutham.

6 Rasi Porutham Meaning- important to lead Good peaceful family life after marriage.
7 Rashyaadhi Porutham (Rasi Adhipathi) meaning – this porutham is important for the wealth of their offspring.
8 Vasya porutham astrology meaning- Strong mutual physical attraction of the couple.
9 Rajju  Porutham Means – Mangalya Bakyam of the wife. It is related to the life span of boy and girl.

10 vedha porutham meaning – Happy and joyful married life

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