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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Peyar Porutham for Marriage in Online Tamil Astrology

Peyar porutham for Marriage: Tamil people usually for marriage matching as per birth time and rasi. There are some unusual situation like missing of birth time note or not knowing the time and rasi of birth.

In this situation, people go for predicting Peyar porutham. This is nothing but matching the name of the boy with girl. There are 12 Rasi in Tamil which starts from Mesham and ends in meenam.

Peyar porutham Online: There are 27 nakshatra which starts from Ashwini and the last one is Revathi Nakshatra. To know peyar porutham in tamil online count the boy’s Nakshatra with girls or girl’s to boy’s. if your Nakshatra comes in 3,5,7,12,21,25 no porutham.

Another method of peyar porutham for marriage in Tamil astrology is counting the numerology for the name of boy and girl and if the total comes in the above mentioned number, it is good to for marriage.  

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