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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kalyana Rasi Porutham Calculator in Tamil Marriage matching Astrology

Kalyana Rasi Porutham Calculator 
Kalyana Rasi Porutham is considered very important in southern parts of India. Rasi porutham calculator is an old methodology which is calculated manually based on the rasi and nakshatra match of a bride and groom. Here is the pathu porutham important for marriage. Now a days the rasi porutham online calculation is also available in Tamil marriage matching websites.

1. Dhina portham: Start to count from the star of the bride to groom. Add the total and divide by number nine. If the quotient comes like  2,4,6,8,9 numbers it is called Dhina portham.

2. Gana porutham: The marriage matching is calculated for deva gana,  Manitha Gana and rakshasa gana compatibility.

3. Mahendra porutham: This is related to child birth and generation. Start to count from the bride star to groom star, if the number comes like 4,7,10,13,16,19,22,25 they have Mahendra porutham. 

4. Sthree Dheerkam: Start to count from the bride star to the groom. If the number comes seven and above is called Sthree Dheerkam.

5. Yoni porutham: An animal is represented for each natchathira. Yoni porutham is calculated as per the compatibility level of bride and groom star.

6. Rasi porutham: Count from the star of bride to groom. If the number goes six and above it is called Rasi Porutham.

7. Rasi athipathi porutham: Each star is having one Rasi athipathi. If the bride and groom star is having same Rasi athipathi it considered that there is compatibility. If the bride and groom are having different Rasi athipathi but they are friendly is also called Rasi athipathi porutham

8. Vasiya porutham: Vasiya porutham is rashi compatibility. There is a Vasiya rasi porutham table in Tamil marriage matching which gives the rasi compatibility of the boy and girl

9. Rajju porutham: Each star is divided into different Rajju. If the star of bride and groom falls in different rajju the compatibility is good.

10. Nadi Porutham: Nadi Porutham is one of the important calculations. Kalyana rasi porutham in Tamil astrology classifies the stars into different nadi and the stars coming in same nadi are apt for marriage. 

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