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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tamil Rasi Palangal 2013 Astrology in Tamil for New Year

Mesha rasi palan 2013 in Tamil for New year
Mesha rasi Love rasi palan 2013: The single will get the wedding bells to ring.

Mesha rasi Career rasi palan 2013: Those who are searching for new job can settle this year.
Mesha rasi Health Horoscope: Excellent year 2013 in all your health issues.
Mesha rasi finance conbdition: Improved financial situation compare to last year.

Rishaba rasi Palan 2013 in Tamil for New Year
Rishaba rasi palan 2013 on Love and Marriage: people those who are in search of their life mate can get by the second half of the year.
Rishaba rasi palan 2013 on Job and Career : this year you will meat a nice promotion and the planet venous favour your wish.
Rishaba rasi palan 2013 on Health: Generally health is good except in the beginning of the year.
Rishaba rasi  palan 2013 on Finance: well settled financial situation and overflowing money. 

 Mithuna Rasi Palan 2013 in Tamil for New Year
Mithuna Rasi palan 2013 on Love and marriage: There is a great bond between the couple and lovers. 
Mithuna Rasi  palan 2013 on Career: The falls you faced in the past year will get cured through your new job.
Mithuna Rasi 2013 rasi palan on Health: This year you will get some small wounds and injuries.
Mithuna Rasi palan 2013 on finance: Financial situation is satisfactory and you will get some rewards for your hard work.

Katakha Rasi Palan 2013 in Tamil for New Year

Katakha Rasi palan 2013 Love Astrology : You are going to get a partner to fulfill your Romance. 
Katakha Rasi palan 2013 on Job and  Career :  Luck  and your dedicated work will push you to touch the success easily in your work. Katakha Rasi Health Palangal : Normal and healthy body condition throughout the year. Try to avoid mental worries.
Katakha Rasi palangal on Finance : All your hard work turns to money so excellent financial situation.
 Simha Rasi Palan 2013 in Tamil for New Year
Simha Rasi Palan 2013 for Love: Usually Leo  people have great bond with their life partner or lover. This year the relationship becomes tighter. Simha Rasi Palangal for Job and Career: Simha rasi people will get new jobs some may change their profession or get now projects. Simha Rasi 2013 health palangal : Excellent health condition. The confidence level is high so you will be stable in both physical and mental .Simha Rasi  Palan Money Horoscope: There will be some ups and down in the flow of money but the situation is one step more than satisfactory. 

New Year Kanni rasi palan 2013

This new year comes with positive turning points in your life. Kanni rasi people usually speak care so they can attract any body easily. Best Year for students and art people. They can get rewards and awards. Kanni rasi women have hand flowing money. The misunderstanding and the worries about your children will be removed after Tamil Guru peyarchi 2013. Worship lord Vishnu in Wednesday.

New Year Makara rasi palan 2013

Makara rasi people usually work in planned manner so they can achieve the success very easily. This year 2013 gives some medical problems; you should pay some money to retain your health. This year is the time to spend money for family functions and recreation. Financial situation is excellent.  

New Year Kumbha rasi palan2013

Kumbha rasi people are very innocent and they believe others very easily. Time has come to invest some money in alternative business but be careful take partnership with strangers. The first six months of the year is no gain or loss. It will go smooth. The second half of the year is financially best for you.

New Year Meena Rasi palan 2013

Meena rasi people shine in their group. They are hard workers and can easily complete even a difficult task in their field.  You people are very jealous. Good time to invest in new projects. The year 2013 is financially excellent. There is a chance for misunderstanding in your blood relationship so be careful while talking and handling your relations. You will get cure from long term diseases.  

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