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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tamil Subha Muhurtham Dates 2014 Thirumana Kalyana Muhurtham Marriage Auspicious Days

Details of Tamil Subha Muhurtham dates 2014 thirumana kalyana Muhurtham marriage auspicious Days 
Tamil Subha Muhurtham Dates 2014 Thirumana Kalyana Muhurtham Marriage auspicious Days for all the month of the year 2014.
Tamil Subha Muhurtham Dates 2014 are most commonly searched by the people to het the best Thirumana muhurtham or Kalyana Muhurtham.  The dates for marriage are planned and fixed in advance to avoid the confusion in getting the venue marriage hall. People usually prefer the auspicious days coming after full moon valarpirai muhurtham 2014 than theipirai muhurtham. This page I have given the days and Tamil muhurtham dates 2014 for the complete year.

Thirumana Muhurtham dates in January 2014
Only one Subha Muhurtham Dates in 2014
January 23 Thursday, Tamil Thai Masam 10 date.

Thirumana Muhurtham dates in February 2014
There are five Subha Muhurtham Dates in 2014.
 February 2nd Sunday – Thai masam 20th
February9th Sunday - Thai masam27th
February 10th Monday – Thai masam 28th
February 12th Wednesday - Thai masam 30th
February 13th Thursday – masi masam 1st
Thirumana Muhurtham dates in March 2014
March 3rd Monday – Masi 19th
March 12th Wednesday – Masi 28th
March 19th Wednesday – Pankuni 5th
March 26th  Wednesday – Pankuni 12th
March 27th Thursday – Pankuni 13th
March 28th Friday – Pankuni 14th

Thirumana Muhurtham dates in April 2014
Subha Muhurtham days in April 2013
 April 13th Sunday – Pankuni 30th
April 14th Monday – Chithirai 1st
April 18th Friday – Chithirai 5th
April 20th Sunday – Chithirai 7th
April 24th Thursday – Chithirai 11th
April 27th Sunday – Chithirai 14th

Thirumana Muhurtham dates in May 2014
May 5th Monday - Chithirai
May 11th Sunday - Chithirai
May 12th Monday - Chithirai
May 25th Sunday - vaikasi muhurtham

Thirumana Muhurtham dates in June 2014
June 1st Sunday – vaikasi 18
June 2nd Monday – vaikasi 19
June 8th Sunday – vaikasi 25
June 9th Monday – vaikasi 26

Thirumana Muhurtham dates in July 2014
Auspicious Muhurtham days in July 2014
July 2nd Wed – all aani month marriage Days
July 4th Fri
July 7th Mon
July 9th Wed
July 11th Fri
July 14th Mon
July 16th Wed

Thirumana Muhurtham dates in August 2014
August 20th Wed – All avani wedding days
August 22nd Fri
August 29th Fri
August 31st Sun

Thirumana Muhurtham dates in September 2014
September 4th – Thu - avani month special marriage days
September 8th – Mon
September 11th – Thu
September 15th - Mon

Thirumana Muhurtham dates in October 2014
October 30th Thursday - aippasi msasam 13th

Thirumana Muhurtham dates in November 2014
November 2nd Sun- aippasi month wedding dates
November 9th Sun
November 10th Mon
November 12th Wed

Thirumana Muhurtham dates in December 2014
December 1st Mon karthigai deepam 2014 Month
December 10th Wednesday

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