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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yoni Porutham Astrology Checking Chart in Tamil Marriages

Tamil Thirumana Porutham
Marriage matching is called Thirumana porutham in Tamil. It is a very important decision taken by the bride and groom family. Checking Jathaka porutham is the first thing done to start the marriage ceremony in Tamilnadu. Seeing marriage compatibility and finding the ratio of bond between the bride and groom in Hindu religion ensure the healthy, happy life of the couple. Let us see the different types of Klayana porutham in Tamil tradition. This is also called koota agreement.

Yoni Porutham Astrology
Thirumana Poruthams is calculated by the location and nature of birth stars of both the bride and groom. In ancient Hindu records shows that there were about 20 Thirumana porutham were taken in to account but nowadays we are following only 10 jathaka porthum. The total number of birth stars is 27 and they are called Nakshatram. The birth star (Nakshatram) is calculated based on the date, time and birth location of a person. The 10 Thirumana Poruthams are dinam, ganam, yoni, rasi, rasiyathipaty, rajju, vedha, vasya, mahendram and stree deergham.

Yoni Porutham Checking 
Yoni Porutham is in the third position in the compatibility chart. Yoni porutham meaning is the female birth organ. It is considered as a very important porutham because it shows the internal contact compatibility of the couple after wedding. People show much interest to find yoni porutham in tamil astrology. If Yoni porutham shows Uthamam, it is good and if it is Madhyamam no chance for marriage. Yoni porutham chart should be calculated both for bride and groom. There is no common parameter to find a nakshatram is compatible physically with other except yoni porutham checking.


  1. How far the yoni porutham astrology work in Tamil marriage compatibility. Is it true?

  2. Yoni Porutham Astrology is considered as a very important in Tamil marriage matching. If it is Athimam there are many pariharam for yoni porutham. Find yoni porutham marriage matching for good physical relationship between the couples.