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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mahendra porutham Tamil Meaning and Astrology Rasi Palan Details

Tamil Kalyana Porutham
Marriage is considered as a very important occasion in all family. There are many spirituals and customs followed in Tamil Marriages. In Hindu mythology people give more importance to astrology especially during marriage fixing time. This is a type in Tamil astrology called marriage matching or marriage compatibility. The first marriage after choosing an alliance is Thirumana Porutham, which is calculated based on the birth time rasi and natchathiram. The Marriage compatibility matching ratio determines the fate of the bride and groom after the marriage. The perfect Thirumana Porutham matching is the assurity for happy life of the couple. 

10 Kalyana Porutham in Tamil
There are about 10 porutham classified in Tamil marriage astrology, each porutham determines an important thing needed for happy life. The bride and groom families see compatibility for the girl and boy’s jathakam which was written according to the birth time and place of birth. Tamil Marriage porutham was programmed by the great sages of Tamil astrology and it is still followed by us. In olden days people calculated about 20 porutham and now only 10 poruthams are taken in to account to decide a marriage. Mahendra porutham Malayalam and Tamil horoscope is purely determining the progeny compatibility.

Mahendra porutham Astrology
Mahendra porutham is considered as very important one and the compatibility result shows Mahendra porutham uttamam it is good, Mahendra porutham shows madhyamam it is ok and Mahendra porutham shows athamam it is very bad.
Mahendra porutham meaning In English: Compatibility for Progeny.
Mahendra porutham Tamil Meaning: Santhadhi
Mahendra porutham and yoni porutham are interrelated with one another. In ancient days people directly go discuss with the astrologer to know about the marriage compatibility but nowadays the facilities are in our hand, many thirumana porutham books are available and you can also check the matching through thirumana porutham online in Tamil and English for this you have to give the details of bride and groom birth date, time and place or rasi and natchathiram. Thirumana porutham free through mobile facility is also available.

Mahendra porutham List compatibility and Mahendra Porutham Horoscopes
Mahendra Porutham compatibility shows the ratio of longevity, wealth andchildren of the Jathagam. If Mahendra Porutham is uthamam the couple has a wealthy family with good children. The head of the also have an ability to give protection against all evils. In case dina porutham and rasiathipathi porutham are athiman with mahendram porutham uthamam. It is good to have marriage, The mahendram porutham compensate the dina porutham and rasiathipathi porutham in compatibility. If the groom’s birth natchathiram is in 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 22nd and 25th position from that of the bride’s natchathiram the compatibility is Uthamam.


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