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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sthree Stree Deerga Porutham in Tamil Thirumana Porutham Rasi Palan

Stree Deerga Porutham in Tamil marriage astrology
It is believed that Marriages are fixed in the heaven, but now days the number of divorces is increasing in number. The marriage survey shows that the chance for divorce is more in love marriage than the arrange marriage. Arrange marriages are arranged by the elders of the family and they give more importance to Thirumana Porutham. In arrange marriages, the birth rasi and star of a boy and girl compared astrologically.

The marriage compatibility is identified for the jathagam of bride and groom. Then all the procedures to perform a marriage are carried out. This is the reason for the strong bond of arranged marriage couples.   In Thiruman porutham, there are totally 12 poruthams.  In the 12 ten is considered as very important.   Stree Deerga Porutham is one of the 10 thiruman poruthams, it is very important for the auspicious life of the bride and groom.

According to hindu astrology three are about 27 birth stars which determines the life of a person. In Tamil we call the starts as nakshatras. Each nakshatras represent one Rasi zodiac sign of the twelve. The birth nakshatra and rasi are the 2 important things take for account to calculate Stree Deerga Porutham.  If Sthree porutham calculation shows the result of uttamam, excellent matching. The result is   madhyamam, can do and if the result is athamam, no chance for marriage.

To find Stree Deergha Porutham or Sthree porutham, take the list of 27 stars in order. Get the birth star details of the boy and girl. Start to count from the girl’s star, if the location of the boy’s star exceeds fifteen from the counting of girl’s star. The sthree porutham is there for the boy and girl.