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Monday, February 27, 2012

Rajju Porutham Table Chart in Tamil Marriage Matching Rasi Palan

Rajju Porutham Chart in Tamil Marriage Matching Rasi Palan
There are five different Types of Rajju Porutham in Tamil Marriage Matching. The Natchatra's are classified in each Rajju as mentioned below. Marriage compatibility of the Tamil boy and Tamil girl calculated as per the table.

Types of Rajju Porutham
Natchatra belongs to Rajju Porutham

Sirasu Rajju Porutham
mirugaseerisham  Natchatra, Chithirai and Avittam Natchatra.

Kanda Rajju Porutham
Rohini Natchatra, Hastham Natchatra, Thiruvonam, Thiruvadirai, Swathi and Sadayam Natchatra

Udhara Rajju Porutham
Krithigai Natchatra, Uthiram Natchatra, Uthiradam Natchatra, Punarpoosam, Visakam and Poorattathi Natchatra

Ooru Rajju Porutham
Bharani Natchatra, Pooram Natchatra, Pooradam, Poosam, Anusham and Uthirattathi Natchatra

Paada Rajju Porutham
Aswini Natchatra, Makam Natchatra, Moolam, Ayilyam, Kettai and Revathi Natchatra

The above Rajju porutham table gives a clear detail about what is Rajju Porutham and its types.


  1. Girl rasi: Thulam, natchathiram is Chithirai,
    Boy rasi: Meenam, natchathiram is uthiratathi. This natchathiram have rajju porutham or not...Pls replay me i want than detail.

  2. You are having 5 porutham.
    Dinam, mehendram, Rajju and vedai are uthamam

  3. Girl rasi: simha, pooram
    boy rasi : meenam, uthiratathi

    pls do the needful

  4. In some websites Aswini, Thiruvathirai, Makam, Mrigaseersham, Swathi, Anusham & Uthirattathi are given exception for marrying same Rajju. How far is this followed ?

  5. girl raasi: thanush,pooradam
    boy raasi: simha, pooram

    i am in big confusion....is it ok or not..? but we love each others

  6. Im in big confusion mam. We have udharra rajju there is any remedies or pariharam like ayur dhaighyam for it. Pls mam help us to live. Pls mam. We can separate. we will die