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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rajju Porutham Marriage Compatibility Details as per Tamil Jathakam Rasi palan

Rajju porutham means: Mangala Pakiyam of the girl ( life span of the  husband)

Rajju porutham compatibility is considered as important in Tamil marriage. There are totally 10 porutham considered for doing thirumanam. The star of the bride and the groom should not be in the same Rajju. This type of compatibility is called Eka Rajju porutham or same rajju porutham. In this case we should not do any further step for doing marriage.  Eka Rajju Jathagam is mismatch for doing marriage. For getting Rajju porutham remedy consider the Jathagam of the boy and girl with a popular astrologer.

1.     Sirasu Rajju Natchatra stars
Mirugaseerisham stars, Chithirai stars and Avittam stars are coming under Sirasu Rajju. You want to check that whether both the bride and groom stars are in the above Sirasu Rajju list. This is called Rajju Dosham and ithe marriage matching is incompatible.

Kanda Rajju Natchatra
Rohini Natchatra, Hastham Natchatra, Thiruvonam Natchatra, Thiruvadirai Natchatra, Swathi Natchatra and Sadayam Natchatra are coming in the list of Kanda Rajju.
If the bride or groom consists of any of the above Natchatra, is called Eka Rajju porutham. This is incompatible for marriage matching.

3.    Udhara Rajju Natchatra
Krithigai Natchatra, Uthiram Natchatra, Uthiradam Natchatra, Punarpoosam Natchatra, Visakam Natchatra and Poorattathi Natchatra
The above are called Udhara Rajju Natchatra. If the boy or girl belongs to any of the above is Udhara Rajju Dosham. The marriage compatibility is mismatching.

4.   Ooru Rajju Natchatra
Ooru Rajju consists of the following Natchatras, Poarani Natchatra  , Pooram Natchatra  , Pooradam Natchatra  , Poosam Natchatra  , Anusham Natchatra  and Uthirattathi Natchatra.   
If the Boy or Girl having any of the above Natchatra  is called Eka Rajju.  It is called c Ooru Rajju Dosham and is incompatible for doing marriage.

5.   Paada Rajju Natchatra
Paada Rajju is having the following Natchatra,  Aswini Natchatra, Makam Natchatra, , Moolam Natchatra, , Ayilyam Natchatra , Kettai Natchatra  and Revathi Natchatra.
If the bride and groom coming under any of the above six Natchatra  are called Paada Eka Rajju porutham.  This forms Rajju Dosham and is incompatible for marriage matching.

From this you may know that the Natchatra of the bride and groom should not come under the same Rajju Natchatra list. If it comes like that is called Rajju Dosham.  Such horoscope is considered as incompatible for doing marriage in Tamil astrology.
For more details follow the Rajju porutham chart and Table.

Rajju Porutham Table


  1. You can make exception on the basis Aroha and Avaroha sects within the same rajju. I do not know why such divisions are not made in the blogs dealing with rajju. Both liberal and stringent rajju porutham can be verified at http://matchchart.com