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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mahendra porutham Tamil Meaning and Astrology Rasi Palan Details

Tamil Kalyana Porutham
Marriage is considered as a very important occasion in all family. There are many spirituals and customs followed in Tamil Marriages. In Hindu mythology people give more importance to astrology especially during marriage fixing time. This is a type in Tamil astrology called marriage matching or marriage compatibility. The first marriage after choosing an alliance is Thirumana Porutham, which is calculated based on the birth time rasi and natchathiram. The Marriage compatibility matching ratio determines the fate of the bride and groom after the marriage. The perfect Thirumana Porutham matching is the assurity for happy life of the couple. 

10 Kalyana Porutham in Tamil
There are about 10 porutham classified in Tamil marriage astrology, each porutham determines an important thing needed for happy life. The bride and groom families see compatibility for the girl and boy’s jathakam which was written according to the birth time and place of birth. Tamil Marriage porutham was programmed by the great sages of Tamil astrology and it is still followed by us. In olden days people calculated about 20 porutham and now only 10 poruthams are taken in to account to decide a marriage. Mahendra porutham Malayalam and Tamil horoscope is purely determining the progeny compatibility.

Mahendra porutham Astrology
Mahendra porutham is considered as very important one and the compatibility result shows Mahendra porutham uttamam it is good, Mahendra porutham shows madhyamam it is ok and Mahendra porutham shows athamam it is very bad.
Mahendra porutham meaning In English: Compatibility for Progeny.
Mahendra porutham Tamil Meaning: Santhadhi
Mahendra porutham and yoni porutham are interrelated with one another. In ancient days people directly go discuss with the astrologer to know about the marriage compatibility but nowadays the facilities are in our hand, many thirumana porutham books are available and you can also check the matching through thirumana porutham online in Tamil and English for this you have to give the details of bride and groom birth date, time and place or rasi and natchathiram. Thirumana porutham free through mobile facility is also available.

Mahendra porutham List compatibility and Mahendra Porutham Horoscopes
Mahendra Porutham compatibility shows the ratio of longevity, wealth andchildren of the Jathagam. If Mahendra Porutham is uthamam the couple has a wealthy family with good children. The head of the also have an ability to give protection against all evils. In case dina porutham and rasiathipathi porutham are athiman with mahendram porutham uthamam. It is good to have marriage, The mahendram porutham compensate the dina porutham and rasiathipathi porutham in compatibility. If the groom’s birth natchathiram is in 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 22nd and 25th position from that of the bride’s natchathiram the compatibility is Uthamam.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What is gana porutham with Tamil Meaning?

Totally there are about 27 nakshatra. To calculate Gana porutham they are classified into three main types. Gana porutham meaning is the compatibility of the bride and groom characters.  People always ask that What is the importance of gana porutham? Read the details below to know the answer.

   1     Deva Ganam
   2     Manusha Ganam
   3     Raajasa Ganam
   Each type consists of 9 nakshatras.  Gana porutham horoscope is very important in marriage matching.

Gana Porutham Chart

Find Gana porutham for marriage through this Chart.
Deva Ganam
Manusha Ganam
Rakshasa gana






















Gana Porutham Marriage Compatibility Details
        ·                       If the bride and the groom having same type of Gana porutham, it is good for marriage. Example – Bride Aswini nakshatra and the Groom Mrigaseershamnakshatra. Both are in Deva GanamThis type is called Ega Gana porutham.
·                            You can do marriage, if the Nakshatras of both bride and groom comes in Deva Ganam, or if both come in Manusha Ganam. This is the best Gana porutham compatibility.  This is called Uthamam. 
·                         In next type, if the Nakshatra of bride falls in Deva Ganam and the groom Nakshatra is in Manusha Ganam, it is good to unite them. This type of marriage compatibility is called Mathimam.
·                         This type is same but vise versa, if the Nakshatra of groom falls in Deva Ganam and the bride Nakshatra is in Manusha Ganam. It is also Mathimam. 
·                        Some marriage match astrology states that the difference between the bride to groom Nakshatra or groom to bride Nakshatra should be 7 or 13 to get Gana porutham matching. 
         Ega gana Porutham in Rakshasa gana is not good for marriage. 
   Example: Both bride and groom Nakshatra is in Rakshasa gana
  If the bride is Krithigai and groom is Ayilyam or Magha the porutham is   Athimam.  
·                       Suppose accidently the Rakshasa gana boy and girl get married find the  Gana porutham remedy or Parikaram. 
·                       The compatibility of Rakshasa gana girl with Deva Ganam or Manusha Ganam boy is mathimam.

 Charactors of 9 Deva Ganam Nakshatra People
Deva Ganam Nakshatra People  are generally good, helping minded and spiritual. They should always prefer high values in their life.
Manusha Ganam.

Nakshatra People  are intermediate. They have both good and bad characters with mixed qualities. They have good nature but they frequently show the evil characters based on their situation.

Rakshasa gana meaning is Violence. Rakshasa gana characteristics  are very aggressive in behavior. They show aggressiveness both in their speech and actions. They are very rout and it is very difficult to co-operate any other Nakshatra People. Find the details of rakshasa gana stars in the above table.

What is Dina Porutham?
What is Yoni Porutham?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tamil Rasi Natchathiram Calculator for all 12 Rasi

Tamil Astrology 
Tamil rasi It is believed that Tamil astrology most accurate and the calculated Tamil rasi natchathiram palan based on Tamil Panchangam exactly matches with our day today life happenings. Tamil horscope is calculated based on 27 constellations, in 12 lunar mansions. The rotation of sun and moon, planets and the movement of Rahu and Ketu are taken into consideration while calculating Tamil Rasi Natchathiram calculator.

There are totally 12 rasi in Tamil
o   Mesha rasi - Aries
o   Rishaba rasi - Taurus
o   Mithuna rasi - Gemini  
o   Kataka rasi - Cancer
o   Simha rasi - Leo
o   Kanni rasi - Virgo
o   Thula rasi - Libra
o   Viruchigam rasi - Scorpio
o   Dhanush rashi - Sagittarius
o   Makara rasi - Capricorn
o   Kumbha rasi - Aquarius
o   Meena rasi – Pisces

Tamil Rasi Natchathiram Calculator
This is Tamil rasi natchathiram calculator for all 12 Rasi. Tamil rasi natchathiram finder helps you to get what are the natchathiram possibilities of a particular Rasi. If you know you rasi but not familiar with birth birth nakshatra and birth nakshatra padam, this will help you to identify your natchathira.

Tamil Rasi Kakshatra Finder
  1. The mesha rasi nakshatra are Aswinini, Barani, and Karthigai nakshatra.
  2. Rishaba rasi nakshatra are Krithikai, Rohini and Mirugaseerisham nakshatra.
  3. Mithuna rasi nakshatras are Mirukasheerisham, thiruvathirai, punarpoosam nakshatra
  4. Kataka rasi nakshatras are Punarpoosam, Poosam, and Ayilyam nakshatra.
  5. Simha rasi nakshatra are Makam, Pooram, and Uthiram nakshatra.
  6. Kanni rasi natchathiram are Uthiram, Astham and Chitra nakshatra
  7. Thula rasi natchathiram are Chithirai, Swathi, and Vishakha nakshatra 
  8. Viruchigam rasi nakshatra are Vishaakam, Anushyam, Kettai nakshatra
  9. Dhanush rashi nakshatra are Moolam, Pooradam and Uthradam nakshatra.
  10. Makara rasi nakshatra are Uthiraadam Thiruvonam and Avittam nakshatra.
  11. Kumbha rasi nakshatra are Avittam, Sathayam, Pooratathi nakshatra 
  12. Meena rasi nakshatra are Poorattathi uthradam and Revathi nakshatra.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dina Porutham in Tamil Jathagam Porutham Astrology

What is Dina Porutham?
In Tamil thirumana poruthum there are ten porutham are calculated and marriage matching is decided based on the compatibility of all 10 porutham.
In that Dina porutham is considered as a very important one. Many people asks that dina porutham for what?   
If the bride and groom jathagam matches for Dina portham they will lead a happy and wealthy life without any problems. To know dina porutham astrology find the star Nakshatra of the bride and groom. While calculating if you get the numbers like 2,4,6,8,9,11,13,15,18,20,24,26
Dina porutham exist between them.

Dina Porutham in Tamil Astrology
The result between them for dina porutham in tamil jathagam is Uthamam. The word Uthamam denotes that good to unite them in life. If you are calculating, except first quarter in twelth, except fourth quarter in fourteenth and except third quarter in sixteenth are Mathimam. Mathimam refers to ‘not bad’ combination. The remaining Rashi stars won’t match, called Athamam.  Athamam refers no match and should not unite.

Dina Porutham Chart Idea for Calculation
Ashtama Rashi is the eighth rasi. Example eighth for rishabam rasi (Taurus) is dhanusu rasi (count from the rishabam you will get 8th as dhanusu rasi (Sagittarius). The starts nakshatra of dhanusu rasi are Moolam 1,2,3,4 padam Pooradam 1,2,3,4 padam and Uthiradam 1.  Belongs to that rasi, when bride stars belongs to rishabam rasi all stars of dhanusu rasi won’t match. In this situation dina porutham chart stats that the compatibility is Athamam. You can calculate dina porutham free with the help of online sources easily with in a minute.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yoni Porutham Astrology Checking Chart in Tamil Marriages

Tamil Thirumana Porutham
Marriage matching is called Thirumana porutham in Tamil. It is a very important decision taken by the bride and groom family. Checking Jathaka porutham is the first thing done to start the marriage ceremony in Tamilnadu. Seeing marriage compatibility and finding the ratio of bond between the bride and groom in Hindu religion ensure the healthy, happy life of the couple. Let us see the different types of Klayana porutham in Tamil tradition. This is also called koota agreement.

Yoni Porutham Astrology
Thirumana Poruthams is calculated by the location and nature of birth stars of both the bride and groom. In ancient Hindu records shows that there were about 20 Thirumana porutham were taken in to account but nowadays we are following only 10 jathaka porthum. The total number of birth stars is 27 and they are called Nakshatram. The birth star (Nakshatram) is calculated based on the date, time and birth location of a person. The 10 Thirumana Poruthams are dinam, ganam, yoni, rasi, rasiyathipaty, rajju, vedha, vasya, mahendram and stree deergham.

Yoni Porutham Checking 
Yoni Porutham is in the third position in the compatibility chart. Yoni porutham meaning is the female birth organ. It is considered as a very important porutham because it shows the internal contact compatibility of the couple after wedding. People show much interest to find yoni porutham in tamil astrology. If Yoni porutham shows Uthamam, it is good and if it is Madhyamam no chance for marriage. Yoni porutham chart should be calculated both for bride and groom. There is no common parameter to find a nakshatram is compatible physically with other except yoni porutham checking.