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Friday, April 25, 2014

Thirumana Porutham Tamil Online Info

Thirumana Porutham Tamil Online 
This is Thirumana Porutham Tamil Online  free info for your knowledge. It is believed that Marriages are made in heaven but whether it is a love marriage or an arrange marriage the main point which is focused by the families of girl or a boy is Horoscope Matching or Kundli matching.  Kalyana porutham tamil online portals are making the job of marriage matching very easy.

The points calculated in kundli matching are from total of 36 and the kundli is said to be matched when minimum 18 points are matched from both horoscopes. This matching of points from both the kundlis is called as Guna Milan. This guna Milan is done to see the compatibility between two horoscopes, which can help the couple to develop the relationship between them. While matching the two horoscopes if any problem or dosha is found in any one of the kundli then the remedies are available to overcome the situation. Even if it is a love marriage it is suggested to match the horoscopes to prevent any troublesome condition in the future.

Vedic astrology is mainly depending upon conditions of planets and Nakshatras. Nakshtras means lunar constellation plays major role in Guna Milan. The nakshtras help to decide the compatibility of two horoscopes easily.

After the compatibility of the two horoscopes the next aspect which is mainly checked in both the kundlis is ‘Mangalik Dosha’. When the experts study the horoscope, they mainly focus upon six main points. They are psychological compatibility, longevity, children, differences in nature, monetary condition and health.
The psychological compatibility deals with the affection and love between the couple. This can check the future relationship between the both after marriage.

The longevity focuses the life span of both the girl and the boy. If the difference between the life span of both is much then they are advised not to get married.
The possibility of having children to a couple after marriage is very necessary to be checked. If there is any problem found then remedies are found if possible.
The aspect of health is checked to see the possibilities of pro longed or critical diseases or accidents.

The nature of the both boy and girl is checked to see the chances of long term relationship. If the nature of the both is extremely different then the relationship after marriage cannot be successful. The divorce or the separation between the couple is dependent upon this factor.
Monetary status of an individual decides the financial condition they both can enjoy in future after marriage.

After the nakshatra position, the nine planets are also studied while matching the horoscopes. The house of moon is especially focused while doing the process of guna Milan. The birth dates, birth places and exact birth times of the both boy and girl are the main points taken into consideration while matching kundlis.

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