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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Marriage Matching Tamil Astrology and Marriage Matching Porutham

Marriage Matching Tamil Astrology and Marriage Matching Porutham

Marriage matching Tamil jothidam or marriage astrology or horoscope matching has its own important place in the society. Though the new generations do not believe much on horoscope or kundli matching, it is the first preference of their parents before anything else. The two main methods followed is marriage matching in tamil using date of birth and name matching marriage tamil free. Marriage matching tamil online horoscope is available very easily. If you want to do this as a profession you can do marriage matching tamil software free download.

There are total 36 points calculated in horoscope matching process. It is believed that minimum 18 points from both horoscopes should be matching to each other and then only the couple is considered to be equivalent for each other. This process of matching these points from both horoscopes is called as Guna Milan. With the help of Guna Milan an expert can see compatibility of a couple and development of their relationship. This can be done with marriage matching calculator tamil software.

Guna Milan can also show doshas in either horoscopes and the solutions and remedies for the same. If the horoscopes are not at all matching or matching with very less points then it is advised to avoid the marriage of these two people. In case of love marriage if there is any problem in horoscope matching, suggestions and solutions are given to a couple to overcome the problematic condition.

Lunar constellation or generally known as Nakshatras play an important role in horoscope matching or guna Milan. With the help of Nakshatras it can be easily found out that the tow horoscopes are well-matched or not. Som Nakshatras can be unfavourable for another horoscope, in this case some ritual are suggested to remove this hostile condition.

After matching horoscopes with each other it is important to find out from both Kundlis whether any one of them has ‘Mangalik Dosha’. Some particular suggestions are given to minimize the trouble of mangalik dosha. Every horoscope match making includes the six main points to be checked like longevity of the relationship, psychological resemblance of the couple, children, nature disparity, financial position and health of both. Longevity of the both is checked to see the life span of both boy and girl.

Psychological resemblance is seen to see the future relationship status of couple. By seeing the possibility of children, the growth of family is seen. Nature disparity is checked to see if there is any possibility of divorce or separation due to any differences. Financial status is seen to see future position of a couple. Like this and many more points can be checked and solved with the help of marriage astrology.

The position of planets is also important point while matching horoscopes. Position of moon leaves many good and bad effects on kundali matching. Generally considered points necessary to see marriage horoscopes are birth place, birth date and time of both boy and girl.

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