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Monday, September 15, 2014

Tamil Kalyana Jathagam Porutham Astrology

Tamil Kalyana porutham
This is the information on tamil marriage jathagam porutham or tamil kalyana jathagam porutham astrology. Hindu religion strongly believes on marriage astrology. Almost every family prefers to check the horoscope of girl and boy before fixing marriage or before taking any further step towards marriage. Now Tamil kalyana porutham checking is easily available in online. Many websites are giving your tamil marriage porutham online if you simply insert your date of birth and time. Whether it is a love marriage or an arrange marriage fixed with the consent of parents.

New generation seems to be disinterested in horoscope or marriage astrology. Especially in case of love marriage it is seen that couple is not interested in the process of horoscope matching, but tamil marriage jathaka porutham is considered as very important for good life. And they are ready to marry each other even if the horoscopes are not matching with each other. The main question arises in our mind is ‘why it is necessary to match the horoscopes, when two people are comfortable with each other as a husband and wife. Let’s see what all is checked under the term marriage astrology or horoscope matching and why it has so much importance in our society:

Tamil jothidam marriage porutham
The complete horoscope matching process is based on 36 points from each kundali. It is said that, it is important to match at least 18 points of both kundali should match with each other. If the matching points are lesser than 18 then the couple is considered to be unmatched for each other. The entire process of matching points from both kundalis is known as Guna Milan. Astrologers believe that guna Milan can show the future success of the marriage of couple. It can also show the doshas or defects in both horoscopes if any. These doshas or defects need some special process for removal or reduction of them. It is seen that in case of love marriage, even if the guna Milan is less than 18 points, couple is not ready to cancel marriage. In such cases some special rituals and processes are suggested by the astrologers to be performed for the couple’s happy and sage future. Normally this guna Milan is based on Lunar constellation or Nakshatra positions. If any one Nakshatra is proved as unfavourable for another kundali then sacraments are suggested to reduce the effect of the same.

Tamil astrology thirumana porutham
Mangalik Dosha is the first thing every astrologer prefers to check in both horoscopes. It is believed that mangalik dosha of one horoscope can affect another one very adversely. It can also be harmful for the family of other person. In many cases mangalik kundali is not found suitable for marriage and many times some process is suggested to reduce the dosha.

Generally the points are checked while matching kundali are,

a. Permanence of relationship.

b. Emotional similarity of the couple.

c. Number of children couple can have.

d. Difference in their nature.

e. Monetary condition and

f. Health factors and risks.

If any problem is found in these points then some special attention and processes are suggested. Along with the Lunar constellation planet condition is also checked while matching horoscopes. The position of moon is considered to be important in guna Milan. To check planet condition, birth place, birth date and birth time of both boy and girl is required.

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