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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thirumana Porutham in Tamil Jothidam

Tamil Kalyana Porutham

This is about importance of thirumana porutham in tamil jothidam. We can calculate kalyana poruthum through jathagam and also by thirumana porutham in tamil by date of birth method.
Marriage is not just an occasion of celebration but it is the major part of Indian tradition and culture. It is not only the relationship between a man and a woman but it is considered as the bonding between two families. Thirumana jathaka porutham in tamil of both man and woman is the major formality of the marriage. Horoscopes tell about the compatibility between the couple. When the horoscopes are matched then the other traditions and customs take place. It is believed that horoscope matching can help a couple to lead happy and successful married life.  Now thirumana porutham in tamil online free software is available to calculate your matching easily.  It is very easy to download thirumana porutham software.  

In Tamil astrology, horoscope matching or marriage matching carries a very important role in the tradition of marriage. From the ancient era , marriage horoscope matching is supposed to be an important custom for the better life of the married couple. Tamil astrology believes that horoscope matching before marriage is essential to check good as well as bad effects of both horoscopes on each other. If there is any problem in any of the horoscopes then various solutions are available to overcome the situation.

In India it is strongly believed that, ‘marriage knots are tied in heaven’. Marriage astrology helps to make the married life of a couple beautiful like a heaven only.  The position of stars and planets in both horoscopes can be helpful to match them. This is known as star matching in the horoscopes. There is one more technique of marriage matching that is lagna marriage matching. In this custom, lagna of both horoscopes are taken into consideration for marriage matching.

In tamil astrology first the astrological charts of both boy and girl are prepared. Then these charts are checked individually and then match for each other. 

Various aspects are checked according to traditional ways. Now many new developments can be seen in horoscope matching tradition. Modern astrology considers dhinam, ganam, yoni, rasi, Rajji, cedia are the most important things to be matched with each other in both horoscopes. Rajji is considered to be most important match of marriage astrology. Thirumana porutham in tamil jothidam prediction is very good provider of marriage compatibility between man and woman.  

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