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Monday, November 3, 2014

Tamil Horoscope Thirumana Porutham Marriage Astrology

Thirumana poruthum horoscope
This is tamil horoscope thirumana porutham Marriage astrology. Hindu tradition is mainly dependent upon horoscope, tamil thirumana peyar porutham astrology, and tamil jothidam thirumana porutham for wedding. The culture believes upon the planets and the effects of them. In the matter of most auspicious and important celebration like marriage is highly dependent upon astrology. Though it is seen that young generation don’t believe much on horoscope matching procedure, but the family members from both side always show interest in tamil matrimony thirumana porutham marriage astrology. tamil thirumana porutham calculator is available online in which you have to fill the details of the bride and groom to find the matching.

Tamil jothidam thirumana porutham
In the modern era, today’s youth hardly believe on tamil thirumana jathaka porutham astrology. Those who are interested in love marriage also show disinterest to match the horoscope. But our Indian society has given much importance to this process from ancient time. Here are some points which can be helpful to understand why marriage astrology is necessary up to certain limit. Marriage astrology is basically a matching of two horoscopes. It is checked whether the horoscopes of girl and the boy are suitable to each other or not. You can easily see this online by tamil thirumana porutham software free download process.

This process is based on the 36 points from each kundali. It is believed that at least 18 points from both kundalis should positively match each other. Generally when the two horoscopes are less than 18 points compatible with each other then the couple is considered as unmatched for each other. This process of matching points from both kundalis is known as Guna Milan. It is strongly believed that guna Milan shows the future of the married life of a couple. With the help of guna Milan it is also easy to find out if there is any problem for the couple or if any dosha is there in both kundali. Some of the defects and doshas also have solutions accordingly. This complete process is done for the future well being of the couple.

Tamil horoscope thirumana porutham dosha nivarthi
In the case of love marriage even if the guna Milan is less than 18 points, both boy and girl show interest to carry on with the relationship. In such cases special rituals and pujas are performed to remove harmful doshas from the horoscopes. Generally these procedures are suggested by the astrologers for the benefit of the couple. The process of guna Milan is based on Lunar constellation or Nakshatra positions. In some cases some nakshatras prove unfavorable for another horoscope, some sacraments are performed to reduce the evil effect of the nakshatra. One of such evil doshas which is considered as very important to check while matching horoscopes is Mangalik dosha. This dosha can leave adverse effects on another kundali. This dosha even can prove troublesome for the family. So generally mangalik kundali is considered as unsuitable for non-mangalik campanion. Other than lunar constellation planet condition and position of moon is also considered as very important for guna Milan.

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