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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Love marriage jathaka porutham in Tamil 2016

This is love marriage jathaka porutham in Tamil 2016.  love porutham in Tamil astrology is calculated based on the bride and groom stars or name or jathakam. This may be calculated as

love marriage porutham through jathakam matching or love Jodi porutham or love match porutham, or love name porutham  or peyar porutham or love rasi porutham .

Mesha rasi marriage prediction matching: As a first zodiac sign, Aries people are always found enthusiastic and fun love. The year 2016 is very good for Aries people for love relationship. Those who are already in love can dream about marriage during this year. Friendship may turn into love relationship in some cases.

Marriage matching rasi for rishabam: Taurus people are very loyal by nature and they are fond of beauty and pleasure. Some minor misunderstandings may take place in your relationship during the year 2016. Bachelors can dream about finding love of their life. Trust your partner to continue healthy relationship.

Thirumana porutham for mithuna rasi: Gemini people are very difficult to get involved in relationship. You love your freedom and change but loyalty is necessary for the success of any relationship. The love life of Gemini people is good during the year 2016 but you have to avoid the reasons behind misunderstandings.

Kataka rasi marriage 2016 matching: cancer people are emotional and believe on long term relationship. You can find the true love of your life during the first half of the year. Those who are in love can experience special bonding in relationship. Bachelors can get suitable alliance from the relatives.

Simha rasi porutham 2016 : it is the most positive zodiac sign. Leo people live with big dreams and need support of life partner to fulfil it. Breaking of relationship is predicted during this year. Try to respect the feelings and opinion of your partner.

Kanni rasi marriage compatibility: The people under this rashi are romantic forever. They are intellectual and get attracted towards matured people. Your love life will be very good in this year. Those who are waiting for marriage can start the preparation.

Thula rasi marriage porutham: This rashi is ruled by the planet Venus which is the planet of love and sex.  Libra people are fond of beauty and art. The love life of this rashi will face some problems during the year 2016. Avoid domination in the relationship. Bachelors can find suitable life partner.

Vrischika rasi marriage compatibility: Scorpio partners are very difficult to understand and handle. These people are very harsh by nature and confusing personality. You may get cheated in relationship in the first half of the year 2016. The year is not good for marriage proposals even.

Dhanusu rasi compatibility for marriage: The people of this rashi are honest and straight forward but in the matter of love they are lusty. Those who are in love can experience very good time with the partner.  Chances of small tours with your loved one are predicted.

Makara rasi marriage compatibility: The people under this rashi are introvert and shy. But they are true lovers; they work hard to continue in the relationship. The first few months of the year are bit troublesome in your lover relation but after the month of June you can find strong attachment with your partner. Those who are waiting for wedding bells should wait up to the second half of the year.

Kumbha rasi marriage compatibility: Aquarius people are cheerful and positive type of people. They are proved to be a very good partner. Take efforts to make your love relationship stronger. Trust and respect is necessary in love. Some third person may enter in your life during the second half of the year.

Meena rasi marriage compatibility: The people under this rashi are born lovers. They are sensitive by nature and difficult to understand. Avoid small disputes to break the relationship in this year 2016. Married couple also may find some problems in love link.

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