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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Nakshatra porutham for marriage in Tamil astrology

This is nakshatra porutham for marriage in Tamil astrology. Every person wishes to lead happy and satisfied life. If our personal life and financial life is settled then we feel that our life is on correct track. We give more importance to our personal life than financial position. This is the reason why match making is done in matter of marriage. Pathu porutham in tamil astrology is very important for bride and groom compatibility. Marriage is an important stage of our life and getting perfect life partner with good fortune is wish of every person. Nakshatra marriage matching helps you to find your life partner suitable for you in all aspects. In case of missing your birth star you can go for jathaka porutham in tamil by date of birth.

Jathagam porutham for marriage in tamil
The marriage matching horoscope porutham tamil kalyana jathagam porutham  is based on 27 birth stars. The zodiac signs and birth signs of both boy and girl are checked for match making process. During the process of nakshatra marriage matching ten major points are taken into consideration. If these ten points are positive for boy and girl then the marriages are taken place otherwise it is advised not to continue with the relationship. Indian tradition strongly believes on marriage match making process.

These ten points are called as Poruthams and Kootas that are based on birth stars and zodiac signs of boy and the girl. Each koota is important based of many human aspects like the mental and physical health of the person, its personality etc. the effect of each aspect is checked and matched during the process. Between these ten important points, Rajji is the most important point to be seen while doing the process of nakshtra marriage matching. If Rajji is not matching with each other then the marriage does not take place according to the tradition. You can calculate yours by your own by using jathagam porutham for marriage in tamil free software download.

Nakshtra or lunar constellation is important aspect in match making process. By matching the nakshatras, the compatibility of two horoscopes is easily found out. Another important thing checked in the horoscopes is Mangalik Dosha. Next things checked in marriage matching process are longevity of both, children, nature of both, financial future and health of both. Guna Milan is checked regarding all these points and if the result is positive in all the aspect then the marriage matching is considered to be successful.

Along with the nakshatra Milan, nine planets are also taken into consideration that can affect zodiac signs. Also the position of moon is checked during this match making process. Nakshatra match making depends upon many things like birth date, birth place and birth time of both